About us

About MG Constructor

MG Constructor was founded 30 years ago by Mr. Goro Thomas.
Our know-how
Based on his expertise in the construction of traditional stone houses and its basic principles
organized teamwork and dignity and respect for his promises
has evolved into a complete and integrated construction company with several specializations.
Our team
The construction company created by Mr. Ghoros Thomas consists of a team of experienced professionals
which is active in the construction industry and undertakes simple projects
such as changing your frames and painting your space up to building construction
and bands.
Our experience
The experience that this team has, allows it to focus easily on the goals set by its client,
to effectively manage all aspects of the project and to ensure the effective development and completion of the project.
Today, the company is run by Mr Thomas’s son, Mr Manolis Goro.
Mr. Manolis Ghoros has been a member of the group that has reached today’s point whose company
its executives and craftsmen can now easily apply the vision of its founder,
offering reliable building and church building services, building renovations,
renovations, thermo-facades, paintings and special constructions.
Our process
Through meetings and discussions with our client, MG Constructor recognizes his needs and desires.
The more information we have from our client the better.
At this stage our customers can tell us about their style and lifestyle, the plans for their space,
what they like and what they do not, ask us as many questions as they want, bring pictures of magazines, samples of materials and whatever they want.
Through this process, the details are perceived on both sides
and the challenges of the project and the approach required is shaped.
Design and programming
Project design and time planning are key to our customers’ satisfaction.
After a detailed inventory of customer wishes, needs and goals,
the detailed design and planning of the project begins.
Drawings and licenses
Our team takes care of issuing the necessary licenses to relax the customer from
anxious situations that this phase of work creates.
Complete project delivery
Our method, our organization, our knowledge and know-how, our approach
in every project we undertake
(small or large) as well as our commitment, leads us and directs us to deliver the work and to
we create smiles and satisfied customers, without returning workshops to cover shortcomings or shortcomings.
Purchases of materials
Planning and scheduling of the project does not stop at the construction site and on our side.
Our name and the reputation that accompanies us naturally does not allow us not to advise you
with the most appropriate and most cost-effective materials, further improving the overall cost of the project.

Our job is building.
We design, construct and create excellent and excellent spaces
whether commercial or domestic.
Construction work, space renovations, electrical and plumbing work,
dry building, thermal insulation / thermo-overlays, oil paintings
as well as home renovation and church construction
are our main activities!
The purpose of the company is to create constructions that are aesthetically pleasing,
meet the user’s operational needs, and respect the environment both against
the duration of their creation and their lifespan.
At the same time, our goal is the ultimate result of expressing and satisfying the customer
in all respects.

Everyday we aim to ensure customer satisfaction by offering quality work without compromise.
Quality without compromises
We provide full commitment and written warranty for top quality work without compromise,
in every project we undertake, regardless of size, area or location
completion and delivery time.
Our goal is also to cover all aspects of the project we have undertaken,
through professionalism, integrity, honesty, keeping promises
us about project cost, schedule of work progress and
the date of delivery, attention to detail, custody
every aspect of it and generally the complete tradition of every project, always on
fairer and more competitive market prices.

Topography & Ground Testing
Room evaluation & Static study
Architecture & Mechanical Design
Project budget & economic study
Construction of buildings – Restoration
Churches & Stone constructions
Renovations – Painting
Forged cement
Thermal insulation – Thermal facade
Site Administration
Energy auditing and certification
Construction consulting services
Exterior design & interior decoration
Lighting & energy saving study