With the term “advanced construction technology” MG CONSTRUCTOR includes a wide range of modern techniques and practices covering the latest developments in building construction, materials technology, design procedures and structural analysis, control of the quantities of materials and services , site and infrastructure management, equipment and machinery, as well as the application of modern design and design methods.

The integration of MG CONSTRUCTOR’s advanced engineering technology in practice increases the quality, efficiency, safety, sustainability and cost effectiveness of our client.

We in MG CONSTRUCTOR combine our 40 years of experience and balancing traditional building and building methods with modern and innovative new practices, incorporating new technologies in our industry for the benefit of our customer.


The advanced construction technology of MG CONSTRUCTOR
Techniques and methods of building from antiquity to the present day.

Today the construction of modern buildings requires the coordination of a wide range of interrelated factors, systems, materials and assemblies which must work together to deliver the required results. This requires appropriate preparation and the cooperation of customers, architects, civil engineers, suppliers, contractors and subcontractors for the best implementation of planning, timetable and cost budget.

Advanced construction technology from MG CONSTRUCTOR
The construction industry is repeatedly criticized for not using innovation. The basic methods of construction, techniques and technologies have not changed much since antiquity.

But applying innovation to the construction industry is not a simple desire that can be implemented simply and easily.

Adopting advanced construction technology requires appropriate planning, commitment from the entire project team, appropriate procurement strategies, good quality control, appropriate training and careful implementation.

Each construction project is different, each space is a unique point, the construction works are developed in different places and involve the continuous movement of personnel and machinery. In addition, weather and other factors can prevent effective implementation of plans and programming.